Nurul Amin Bijoy A Successful digital marketer & music artist

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Unemployment is one of the major problems in Bangladesh. In this country most of the graduates are jobless. But even in such a bad situation, a young man is showing the light of hope.  By developing his skills he earns a lot of money before completing Nurul Amin Bijoy is 30 years old youngster, is successful in digital market. From the early age, he loved to think and research about innovation.

His hard work and goals have brought him to the brink of success today. Nurul shows if anyone have a smartphone, he can earn. When he read in Class 10 in 2014 Nurul learn from watching YouTube that how one can earn by Google AdSense. Then he is interested to learn Web Development, Web design and Digital Marketing. After completing those course, he starts earn something.  Same year, Nurul lost his fathers business , who was the source of his families earning. That’s break his interest. Few days later, he again starts Freelancing. This earning help him to contribute family and continuing graduation.  Step by step Nurul established his own company `World in Bangladesh’. His company creates content for Facebook and different platforms. It also distributes products of different company in Digital Market.  This young man thinks that digital marketing is a huge possibility in the current era.

We know that the importance of marketing is increasing day by day, so we urge the youth to work in this field, said, Nurul Amin Bijoy If you want to start working with digital marketing, you need to improve your skills first. Because with the right knowledge anyone can move towards this success. But ignorance often leads to failure. For this, everyone must first increase his skills. Then you need to keep your eyes and ears open and constantly search. In addition, you need to know the use of different tools. We need to keep an eye on what kind of content millions of people like.’ Nurul Amin Bijoy says that it is very important to create content for digital marketing. Many people are not getting the opportunity to work with digital marketing even after creating good content. He has always dreams of doing something for them. Early in his career he overcame many obstacles. Nurul Amin is trying his best so that the young people who come to work in the digital world do not face obstacles. Already he trains Freelancing minimum 100 youth. He also involves in different social interaction.

Nurul Amin Bijoy believes that it is possible to change the society by spreading positivity. He explained that it is possible to cover up lies in this society by spreading the truth. As a digital marketer, He believes that there is no shortcut to success. People become successful with their honesty, concentration, work and hard work. Where there is no truth in human deeds, there is no true respect for deeds. And the real success is not found. So every human being should act honestly. Hard work leads people to the pinnacle of success. Keeping honesty right and putting patience aside is the only way to move towards success, said Nurul . Meanwhile, He said to everyone, do not do anything against your will, you are more likely to fail. Discover yourself by minimizing the hard work you want and making the goal bigger and moving towards success. Establish yourself, Hard work is the key to success.

Nurul Amin Bijoy words to awaken every young person to reach the peak of success. If you want to know about the future plans of Nurul Amin Bijoy he said that ‘we have to go far’. He explained that no matter where we live, everyone has a plan for the future. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.